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1. Basic Fundamentals - Lesson #1

- Equipment Needed: Open Wall/Field Space or Outdoor/Indoor Lacrosse Box, Net, Tape/Chalk, Pylons, Lacrosse Balls, Helmets, Gloves, Stick, Pinnies

Optional Ball Progressions (For First-Timers):  do drills using dodgeballs, volleyballs, or basketballs, whiffle balls (using bare hand or top-hand only), high density foam balls (using bare hand or top hand only), SWAX balls (using bare hand or top-hand only), real balls (using bare hand or top hand only - incorporate bounce passes)

- Meeting (20 min - Optional): Coaches, Players & Parents – Demo: How To Put On Equipment (Sizing, Taping, Etc.)

Post Practice:
- Prearranged BBQ with the families on the team (40 min - Optional):




  1. Fundamental Skills Analysis:

    Huddle (Circle at Centre-Floor - Explain the importance of the Circle):
    - Lacrosse: History of the Game Among First Nations People (Research)
    - Come up with an appropriate word, as a team, for a team cheer

    General Warm-Up (2-3 min):
    - Have players run around the entire outside of the playing area (both directions), hold the stick with "two hands" (no balls)
    - Pick 2 Teams (Equal Numbers of Lefts/Rights) – Hand Out Pinnies (Optional) – Players Keep Same Teams For 3 Practices

  2. Defense Drill #1: Athletic Position ("Balance" & "Footwork")

    - Demo: Holding The Stick - Shoulder Width Apart, Bottom Hand Over & Top Hand Under; Keep Stick To Natural Side (Strong-Hand) For All Drills
    - Demo: Athletic Position - Sticks Up, Footwork
    - (Variation #2) - Follow the Stick (Forward, Backpedal, Side-Shuffle - long steps, Down & Roll - then up), "Stutter-Steps" (on coaches whistle) - 30 seconds
    *bottom diagram

  3. Loose Ball Drill #1A: "Stationary" Pick-Ups

    - Demo: Loose Ball Pick-Ups - Scoop, Trap & Scoop, Scoop on-the-Run, Scoop Tuck & Turn, Scoop to Triple Threat (See Loose Ball Skills Analysis)
    - (Variation #1) – Try The Different Styles (Advance To Taking A 5-Step Run At The Ball)
    *top diagram

  4. Loose Ball Drill #1B: "Dynamic" Pick-Ups

    - (Variation #3A) – Start In One End

  5. Games Drill #1: 52 pick up

    - (Variation #2) – Competition (Two Teams - Most LB's Wins)
    - Everyone Has To Be Touching The Net To Work
    *bottom diagram

  6. Cradling Drill #1: "Stationary/Dynamic" Cradling

    - Demo: Cradling - Stationary Cradling, Dynamic Cradling, Protecting The Ball (See Cradling Skills Analysis)
    - (Variation #1) - In One End
    *top diagram

  7. Cradling Drill #1: "Stationary/Dynamic" Cradling

    - (Variation #2) - Run To One End & Back
    *not shown in diagram

  8. Games Drill #3: Cradling Relay (East-West)

    - Cradling Relay (Variation #1) - No Balls & Balls (Run Around A Pylon)
    - Water Break: 2 min

  9. Cradling Drill #1: "Stationary/Dynamic" Cradling

    - (Variation #3) - Protect Against A Partner
    *not shown in diagram

  10. Cradling Drill #1: "Stationary/Dynamic" Cradling

    - (Variation #4A & #4B) – "Scrambled Eggs" - (Stay In Crease and/or Between Rag Lines) - Walking & Jogging - Coaches Stripping
    *not shown in diagram

  11. Games Drill #5: Sharks & Minnows

    - (Variation #1) – End Boards to Rag Lines
    - Water Break = 2 minutes

  12. Stickwork Drill #1: Passing Against The Boards "Wall Ball"

    - Demo: Triple Threat Position, Release Point, Follow Through (See Passing/Shooting & Catching Skills Analysis)
    - Wall Ball (Variation #1) – Low On Boards (10m Away) - Taped/Chalked 30cm x 30cm Targets

  13. Stickwork Drill #2: "Partner Passing"

    - Demo: "Soft Hands" (Catching An Egg Example)
    - (Variation #1) - All Players Experimenting With Flipping & Catching The Ball
    - "Stationary Catching" - Pass to Partner Using Hands (5 Each) + Competition (# caught in 1 min - passing normally)
    *not shown in diagram

  14. Stickwork Drill #2: "Partner Passing"

    - Demo: Crow Hop (Outfielder In Baseball Analogy)
    - (Variation #2) - Long Pass (15-20m Apart)
    *top diagram

  15. Games Drill #8: Progressive Passing ("Egg Toss")

    - (Variation #1) – Race + Re-Start If You Drop The Ball

  16. Fundamental Skills Analysis:

    Story (2-3 min):
    - Cherokee Legend: The Birds vs. The Animals (Google)

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