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This is your My Playbooks Page and you have an identical page for your practice plans (My Practice Plans Page). As you create playbooks they will be listed here for you to view/edit or delete. Click the "View/Edit" button next to the Playbook you are working on and from there you can delete plays, edit notes, reorder diagrams, add time estimates and share it when you're finished!

My Playbooks Page

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If you haven't created a playbook yet, then you'll want to do that first. Go to the Create A Practice Plan or Playbook page, give it a title, choose whether it's a practice plan or playbook & click save. Now when you're browsing drills & plays you'll be able to select it from the drop-down menu and add diagrams to it.


Create A Practice Plan Or Playbook

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Browse the Laxlife Drills & Plays and add them to your Custom Practice Plans & Playbooks. Use the drop-down to select the Practice Plan or Playbook you'd like to add the drill or play to and click the 'Add Diagram To' button.


Add Drills & Plays To Your Custom Practice Plans & Playbooks

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Always Save It After Making Any Updates and Before Sharing!

Once you're finished, share Your Practice Plans & Playbooks

OPTION 1: Share your Practice Plans or Playbooks with other coaches. They will recieve a link that loads your Practice Plan or Playbook to their own Laxlife Account to edit for themselves.

OPTION 2: Send it in body of an email to anyone, even if they don't have a laxlife account. They will be able to see the Practice Plan or Playbook without being able to make edits.


Still Need Help? Send an email to support@pucklife.ca and let us know how we can improve the instructions.

NEW: Create your own Drills & Plays to add to your practice Plans & Playbooks!